Get Back on Track

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November 26, 2012 by peoriaadventurebootcamp

Thanksgiving is in our rear view mirror and more holidays are fast approaching. It’s time to figure out how to get back on track.  If we hammer out a good system now then we can use it again and again, after December and then again after the New Year.

It’s hard to get back on track if we think, “oh Christmas is only a month away, might as well just give in to it.” So first we have to work on our mental game. We know, we all do it, we look in the mirror and think, “Oh nooooo what happened? I worked so hard!” Nothing happened, You are the Same.  Set your alarm and get up for boot camp.  You can do it. You’ve done it before, you can do it again.  Don’t think about all the days ahead. Just think of one day- today- and how you are going to move your body and fuel your body.  Just Today.

Next, remember the 90% rule and set a goal! Get to boot camp three times this week. Realize that it is better to workout only two to three times a week spread out, than to workout three days in a row then spend four days straight without movement. Make a deal with yourself: if you go to boot camp you get to have that last piece of pie guilt free. And then do it. Guilt free. This is not about cold turkey back on the horse running before boot camp and measuring out food. This is about enjoying life, and the time of year and being healthy inside and out. This won’t happen in one day. But it will happen.

Third, every little bit counts. Do NOT get discouraged after a large meal followed by dessert with family and friends.  Do NOT sit there thinking, “well the day is blown might as well eat like this the rest of the day.” No no no.  We limit ourselves by thinking this way.  As human beings we are constantly “getting back on track”.  Each day we mess up a little.  Each day we get back on track in many little ways. Keep working out your “get back on track” muscle and soon things will be so smooth you won’t even notice when life starts to go awry.  Your “get back on track” muscle will pull you back on course fast.  Instead of in a week it will happen in a day, then instead of in a day it will happen in an hour.  Finally you will be so strong you will recognize the temptation before it even starts and back on track you go.

Remember: Get up for boot camp. Make a deal with no guilt. Every little bit counts when working out your “get back on track” muscle.


Share with us how YOU get back on track! Inspire other boot campers to stay motivated with your success! Please share a comment below and add to the wisdom of the boot camp way of life.

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