I don’t wanna…and other things we think

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February 25, 2013 by peoriaadventurebootcamp

We know. There you are: laying in bed, exhausted, blinking in the dark.  4:40, 4:50, 5am, 6am. We know. You missed boot camp. 

5pm, 5:15, 6pm, 7. There you are: driving home from work, exhausted, blinking in the dark.  We know. 

The days we don’t want to do anything, the days we feel like we can’t do a single thing to workout other than walk around the house, walk to the car, walk around the office, walk after the kids… that’s it.  We’ve all been there.

Yet we know, those are exactly the days you have to.

How to motivate? Here’s some ideas.

1. Don’t think, don’t ponder, just act. Get UP. Get dressed. You are a robot. You do not feel the pain. You do not feel the fatigue. Blink and soon you are driving back from boot camp feeling amazing yet again. Proud too, as you should.

2. Stand UP. From the computer, from the car, from the couch.  Think, “What amount of time can I give to this right now?” 40 minutes? No way. 30 minutes? Nope. 20? Getting closer. 15 minutes? Now you got my attention.  It feels lighter, easier, infinitely more do-able. Do a 15 minute strength training circuit. Do the 20 minute circuit for 15 minutes. Rotate from burpees, to push ups, to crunches, to squat jumps and rest, then go again. Most likely 15 minutes will turn into 20 or 25 and that’s exactly the magic sauce that will keep you on the exercise wagon.

3.  Read. Read about people whose challenges make ours feel almost silly. Google special olympics and watch a video. Pull up an article about a veteran who lost both his legs in the war and would give anything to run again.  Watch a show about how strong women are going to change the world. Then get up, be strong, and ever ever so grateful that we get to wake up at 4:30am to run, to lift weights, and to hurt.

4. Use your most powerful weapon: your brain. Wonderful servant, terrible master. Easily tricked by the stories we tell ourselves. You aren’t trying you are doing. You are an athlete. You are a boot camper. So we act like one. It isn’t oh my God so hard  it’s this is going to be easy. What we think becomes our reality. You aren’t getting fit you are already fit. Tell yourself what you want your world to be.

5. Practicality: Put your alarm away from your bed and sleep in your workout clothes. Tell everyone you know that if you don’t make it 3,4,5 times a week they must take away your teddy bear:aka something you love. Put your gym shoes by the bed and keep your gym bag stocked and ready to rock in the car.

6. Think of this photo:

Image and get to work.

How many of you will be at boot camp next week? We thought so.

Leave a comment and tell us all how YOU motivate!! Sharing these tips helps everyone get better, stronger, and more determined that they too can achieve what Lisa sets in motion for us every, single, day.

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