How to Pick a Protein Bar

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March 4, 2013 by peoriaadventurebootcamp

You’re standing in the grocery store aisle, staring at the protein bars. You pick one up, mmm chocolate brownie, you think as you turn it over to read: 15 grams of fat? That doesn’t sound right. Picking up another and then another, one reads 300 calories that sounds way too much, the other has 5 grams of protein, definitely not enough. 

You gotta go, the milk is getting warm, the kids are antsy, and dinner is waiting. You think, I’ll come back when I have more time. 

But you don’t and that’s ok, it’s tricky and difficult to pick a good protein bar, but its a fantastic resource to have on hand pretty much every day during our busy lives.

The first thing you have to know, are you trying to lose weight or build muscle? Most of us in boot camp are doing both at the same time which is great, but at times tricky.

So if you answer is yes to both, as we boot campers probably will, the next question you have to answer to is, “When will you be reaching for and grabbing a protein bar to eat most of the time?”

If the answer is, “After my work out”, then you get to enjoy one that is higher in carbs. You need to eat more carbs after a workout to replace and replenish and recover.

BUT if you think you will mainly eat these bars on the go or as a full meal replacement then you get to enjoy one that is higher in calories and good fats, but lower in carbs, closer to what a meal might be. The little bit of extra fat will slow down the release of carbs and make it last longer as a meal for you. However watch the carbs and the sugars, you don’t want to go over 30 carbs if you are trying to lose weight.

Tip: a 1:1 ratio  of protein to carbs is pretty much ideal for staying in the range of losing weight and building muscle.

Your protein bar has to do a lot! It should be packed with protein, vitamins, energy in the form of fat and carbs, and do all this while tasting great. Nut butters are often a good source of protein, good fats and good taste so look for a bar that has some component of nuts and seeds.

The protein should also be one that your stomach can handle- be sure to test some out first. From soy to whey to egg protein all of them can affect us differently so try one bar first and wait a few hours: do you feel bloated or gassy or have any discomfort? If the answer is yes then you might be intolerant to the high levels of that certain kind of protein. Try a different protein source. Usually you will find one that works and can stick with that.

It is difficult to navigate the protein bar aisle, many protein bars are little more than candy bars in disguise.

Here’s a handy flow chart to take with you:


REMEMBER: Having smart choices on hand when we might make bad ones can make all the difference.

THE  perfect protein bar that hits the mark:

Lisa has tried a LOT of protein bars, she has done the research and done the taste tests. Take her advice and save yourself the time! She truly believes nothing out there compares to Isagenix, and eats the bars herself every single day.

As always, leave a comment! Tell us your favorite flavor of Isagenix Protein Bars, we would really like to know.


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