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March 11, 2013 by peoriaadventurebootcamp

The week off is here again. YAY! BOO! ZZZZ! WE miss YOU!

What to do… you could run… hmm you do that already. You could swim… nah, still too cold. You could bicycle…Spandex? Eek.

Lisa always tells us to take care of our bodies. We work hard and we want them to be strong and keep getting stronger. To do that they need rest AND they need variety. A good way to get both is Yoga.

As boot campers we don’t want a week to go by with out tough workouts and significant calorie burning planned out and under our belts.

One workout that can do all three; rest by stretching, variety because its new, and massive calorie burning (up to 1000 cals/class) is Bikram Yoga.

Here’s what some boot campers had to say after trying Bikram (hot yoga) for the first time during a week off a few months ago…

“Before my first class I was a little nervous. Only because when people describe Bikram they only seem to want to say how hot it is. Yes it was hot and that’s part of the point, but you always have to look at the entire experience and that’s what I did. I made it through the entire class without having to sit out. I was not able to do one pose, but remained strong through the entire class. After the class was over I had this unbelievable energy that felt amazing.”


“I’ve never sweat more in my life and actually enjoyed it! I thought I would have been disgusted with it based on descriptions from friends as to what I should expect. Instead of sticky sweat, though, it felt more like just excess water seeping from every single one of my pores! It felt as if toxins literally were trying to make its way out of my body. The heat was definitely intense and I only felt like I was going to pass out once.  I can see myself doing it again, and who knows… maybe even get to the level of those in the front of the class who knew every move and did it with ease!”

Worth a try? Grab a boot camp pal and plan to go this week!

Follow the link to a studio right around the corner from the park at 75th/Bell. They have a new student package for $19 for 3 days. Perfect.

Leave a comment if you try it! Tell us what you think- we would love to know!


(Special thanks to Diane and Dahlia for being such good sports. For trying it, liking it and being a great resource for all of us who read the blog.)


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