The Power of the “Green”

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March 18, 2013 by peoriaadventurebootcamp

Veggies. Love ’em. Maybe hate ’em. But we gotta have ’em.

Those pesky plants are the mainstay in a healthy, long-lived, and vibrant life. There’s no two ways about it. They fight cancer with phytochemicals, are full of fiber and water (two pretty important ingrediants), made up of nutrients and vitamins, and basically “free” foods meaning we can eat a LOT and not feel bad about our weight. Here is one example where too much is finally a good thing.

Remember our post Much ado About Sugar? The doctors who reported on the fact that sugar is toxic and causes many more problems than we realized, also were all proponents of a diet consisting mostly of vegetables. Some even became vegetarian themselves.

No need to get crazy.

We all know what a plate should look like, we’ve discussed this before, and as boot campers you know how to follow great Lisa advice. But to get as much as we possibly can of these amazing phytonutrients we need to eat more. An easy way to do this is the “green drink.”

Juicing is proven to help our body absorb all of the nutrients in these fabulous foods as a sort of “pre-digester”. It also helps us get the variety we all need. Instead of eating the same salad every day, we can add in veggies we wouldn’t normally eat or maybe don’t want to try to learn to cook. Add to juicer- Voila!

Green smoothies is another way to get the same effect but with it you get added fiber as the blender does not strain out any of the pulp of the food, instead grinds it all together. In smoothies you can add protein powder, greek yogurt, or nut milks, to get added protein. Just remember a smoothie will have more calories and if you add protein and sweeteners it might be a substitute for a meal- but OH what a meal! Your cells will be doing a happy dance.

One fantastic flavor tip: If you want to add in Kale and other bitter leafy greens to your green drinks (which is a great idea by the way), make sure to toss in a lemon, lime, fresh ginger and/or cranberries.

Fantastic tip number two: Love the fruit and need help getting veggies into your Green Drinks? Just add this, one scoop of isagenix greens!

Here are some great recipes to get you started:

1. Doctor Oz Juice

2. Kris Carr ‘Hail Mary’ Juice

3. Crazy Sexy Diet Smoothie

4. Peach Smoothie (be sure to add the Isagenix greens to this one!)


Let us know if you have a favorite smoothie or green juice that you make, leave a comment below!  We would love to add it to our Drinks section on the boot camp blog for everyone to  try.


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