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March 25, 2013 by peoriaadventurebootcamp

Change. It happens so slow.

A lot of boot campers want to change our bodies; a little or a lot, and it is so hard to see the vision of the other side.

The good news is this means we can only do this one step at a time, not everything all at once. Focus on just the next step not the 100th step. Less overwhelming no?

One next step on the journey could be to lose one extra pound this week. This is no small task but by breaking it down into mini steps, planning, and executing, it can be done.

3500 calories. Let’s do this.

All things being equal- you are getting to boot camp most days during the week, eating your normal healthy- you are probably already in a bit of a caloric deficit throughout the week, thanks to Lisa’s cardio and strength training combo “omg I really feel the burn I promise!” combo workouts.

Let’s bump it up a notch and see what can happen. A combination of nutrition and activity will equal one extra pound this week and hopefully every week as we head into summer season of shorts, tank tops, and you-know-what… swimsuits

The Plan: 

All boot campers know the value of Isagenix shakes. This week replace 3 meals in the entire week with a nutrient rich shake: BAM 1050 calories saved.

Jog for 30 minutes two times this week. Yes this is in addition to your boot camp workout. Most of us are pretty sedentary through the rest of the day after boot camp. New research has shown that in addition to a daily workout we need to move our bodies a little bit throughout the day. Try for a 30 min jog two times this week after work: BAM 600 calories burned.

Here’s where it might hurt. We gotta burn to earn so that means we have to take a few things away. Let’s not get crazy. Wine and carbs and starbucks are important to keep us on track- the minute we deprive ourselves fully is the exact minute we fall off the diet/nutrition wagon. So if you drink a glass of wine most nights (or beverage of choice) skip the wine just two nights this week, skip that Starbucks Grande Latte with 3 pumps of delish syrup two times this week, your will power and wallet will thank you. BAM! 1200 calories bye bye!

Have an extra 5 minutes? Let’s jump rope! Jump rope on a break from sitting in front of the computer for 5 minutes just two times this week and say adios to another 150 calories. (bonus: look a little cooler in boot camp next week too)

This weekend let’s stretch sore muscles after a week of boot camp. Yoga class, or yoga at home for 50 minutes: BAM 300 calories long gone.

Finally let’s look at our plates: Love the bread, love the starch, but pick two days this week and have this lovely part of the American diet only once that day. Try for bread, toast, muffin, potatoes, rice, pasta at only One meal two days a week: BAM 800 calories so long suckers!

Grand Total: 4350 calories!

Boot campers are so awesome. Always striving to keep trying, keep persevering, keep the commitment to a healthy life and healthy body. Change happens slow, but we can see the vision Lisa has for us and it is BEAUTIFUL!

Leave a comment and tell us how you are going to try for one extra pound this week!


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