How to Cleanse

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April 9, 2013 by peoriaadventurebootcamp

There are a lot of “cleanses” out there. We read about them every day in magazines, online, see them on tv and they sure do promise a lot.

In two days drop two dress sizes! 

lose 20 pounds in a week!

Well as boot campers we know nothing great comes truly easy, and the same is true of a real “healthy honest to gosh really good for you” cleanse.

Many of the other types of cleanses reduce your calorie intake so much its just starving your body of everything it needs, and your body will find it: in your bones, in your muscles, in your health. An added side effect- the metabolism slows and voila- your body resists and the weight creeps back on in no time.

These cleanses also do not incorporate many of the nutrients that has been lacking in our bodies which is the reason we do a cleanse in the first place: replace bad stuff with good stuff.

A good cleanse is meant to support our own bodies detox system: the liver, the colon, and the kidneys. The liver is first line of defense- like a soccer forward it filters the bad team “toxins” before it can get to the goalie. The colon is next like half-backs and defense they work to flush out the bad team toxin before they can score a point. Finally the kidneys are the sweepers, they look out and nab the bad team that is lurking in other areas of the field and help flush them out and away.

A smart cleanse is one that incorporates protein, nutrients and fluids which all helps to support these hard workers in our bodies by cleaning them out, and getting them revved up and ready to work even harder. Many feel a cleanse also is a mental refresh, bringing us back to smarter food choices, smaller portions, and healthier more energetic living.

Cleansing isn’t easy but with Isagenix, the support of Lisa’s knowledge, and our fellow campers cheering us on, it can be one of the best things we do to help us reach our weight loss and health goals this year.

Shout out to Boot campers cleansing- leave a comment and let us know how it’s going! What do you like and not like about cleansing the Isagenix way?


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