Which Chair Are You In?

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April 23, 2014 by peoriaadventurebootcamp

I went to church over Easter weekend.  They used an excellent illustration to get us to think about our level of commitment in our own relationship with God.  After this service, it really got me thinking about how that illustration can relate to all areas of our life.  Then I really started thinking about my clients and realized this is a great message for them and anyone who reads this.  It’s an opportunity to stop and really look at your level of commitment to your health.

Here is a quick summary of the illustration.  It’s important set the stage so you can better understand when I relate it to your fitness goals.  There were three chairs with a different guy sitting in each chair.  The first chair had a man that was totally committed.  The second chair had a man that was committed, but wavered on some things which led him to be inconsistent.  The third chair had a man that was not committed at all.

There were a couple of interesting points that really stood out to me.  First of all, the pastor shared with us that statistics have shown that 77% of us are in that second chair (I’ll get to more of this in a bit).  Secondly, he also shared that those that are in the second chair (one foot out, one foot in…on the fence) were the most stressed out and frustrated people.

I definitely find that interesting in my Faith walk, and I also find it interesting as a fitness professional who deeply desires to see people reach their personal fitness goals and overall health and well-being.  Let me explain why.

I currently have 40 ladies on my boot camp roster.  If I gave all 40 ladies a survey and they answered it with 100% honesty (which I KNOW they would), I believe I would find those same statistics apply.  I would be willing to bet that 77% of the ladies are on the fence, or inconsistent in their walk to better health.   I also believe those 77% feel some frustration and stress when it comes to their fitness and fat loss goals.

Now before I continue, let me explain what I believe the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chair would look like in living a healthy lifestyle.

First chair –  Totally Committed; In this chair this person would exercise regularly 3-6 times a week, eat a super clean diet (as described in the nutrition guidelines that have been laid out), drink plenty of water, and strive for at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

Second chair – Pretty Committed;  In this chair this person may still exercise consistently, yet waivers consistently on their nutrition portion, or lack in getting quality sleep.  They want to see results but they won’t pass up big bowl of ice cream, or a chance to drink it up with their friends (I am referring to alcohol and not just 1-2 glasses of wine a week…MORE than that).  They are committed, somewhat…it depends on what’s happening day to day.

Third chair – no commitment; this is clearly not any of the ladies that are in boot camp, because I have the most dedicated ladies and they care to invest their time and money into their health.  However, there is someone reading this that wants to commit to living a healthier life, and just hasn’t taken that step yet.

If you are in the first chair, stay your course.  You are probably seeing results and feeling phenomenal.  Give yourself the freedom to enjoy a good treat and get a rest day here and there, but you are on the right course.

If you are in that second chair I’m willing to bet you are seeing some results, but still feeling some frustration.  First of all, part of becoming healthier is setting realistic goals for yourself.  That being said, make sure you are working out consistently, truly eating a clean diet 90% of the week (you have to allow yourself 10% to enjoy a glass of wine or a scoop of ice cream), and doing your best to structure your day so you can get to bed at a decent hour.

Moving from that second chair to the first can truly boost your results and make you feel more confident than ever!  One of my favorite sayings goes like this:

Train Like an Athlete

Eat Like a Nutritionist

Sleep Like a Baby

Win Like a Champion

If you are in that 3rd chair, then I can tell you it all comes down to making a decision.  Taking the first step is the best step you can take!

I encourage you to take an honest look at yourself as it pertains to your health and fitness goals.  Are you truly committed, committed if the mood is right, or just not committed at all?  Which chair are you in, and if you’re not in that first chair are you willing to do what it takes to set yourself up for success?

I’m always here to help in anyway I can!  I can be reached at 602-518-6020 and I offer FREE CONSULTATIONS!

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